Thursday, April 7, 2011

Large Maine Seascape Painting On Canvas

Large Maine seascape painting on canvas

Details About This Maine Artwork

Acrylic on canvas, measures 30" x 30".

Inspiration And Technique Used For This Expressive Landscape Painting

I guess I'm getting very excited about our Maine vacation. I know it's only April, but the end of July is just around the corner and I can't help but paint some expressive Maine scenery. This scene was captured on camera while on vacation several years ago in Stonington, Maine.

After spending a few days trying to paint a large dog portrait commission I was left with several reject canvases that littered the studio floor. This piece was painted over one of those reject dog paintings which is still visible in some areas. Perhaps this will be more visible in the close-ups. I started by establishing the horizon line and a few of the houses in the middle background area. From there I painted the lobster boat in the foreground. These are the main elements so once they were in place it was a matter of using the imagination to fill in the voids.

This is probably one of my favorite Maine paintings to date. I love the impressionist style and the colors. There are few things more satisfying in the studio than taking a reject painting and turning it into a winner.

Close-Up Images So You Can Appreciate The Abstract Qualities And Loose Brushwork

How To Purchase This Painting
Sorry, this one is part of my permanent collection. Yes, I'm a fan of my own art and will sometimes keep the pieces that speak to me on a personal and emotional level. However, you can find plenty of similar paintings available at my Etsy shop.

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