Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rooster Paintings

Rooster ArtworkAffordable Original Rooster Painting
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Details About These Abstract Representational Rooster Paintings

Various sizes on archival paper and canvas, mixed media includes compressed charcoal,and acrylic paint.

Inspiration Behind The Artwork

I've had many requests for roosters so I figured it was time to expand the farm animal theme. My goal is to get antiquated with the new subject by doing as many small paintings as possible.

Working with charcoal and crayon allows me the opportunity to work quickly, almost in a sketchy style. The paintings are started with loose drawings in order to capture the gesture and proportions. Afterwards thin layers of acrylic paints are applied in order to build up the painting. Thicker layers of acrylic are applied as the painting progresses. I rarely stay within the lines of the initial sketch so I finish the painting by adding some thick white acrylic in the negative spaces. A palette knife is used to scratch into the paint in order to achieve the loose and sketchy feel.

 Visit the video demonstrations and tutorials to learn more about Robert's techniques.

How To Purchase These Birds

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