Monday, March 9, 2015

A Colorful Abstract Contemporary Painting By Jennifer Morrison Godshalk. Galaxy Artwork And Universe Paintings Now Available.


Abstract Oil Painting
Pure Abstract Series

36x36 Inches
1 3/4 Inch deep gallery wrapped

Tranquility 1

Tranquility 2

I have started my Pure Abstract series and this beauty is the first!  

Thick oils on canvas enhanced with bright colors on a dark background accentuate this colorful abstract painting.  Somewhat representative of a galaxy or an image from the universe captured from the Hubble Telescope is what this painting resembles to me.  Pure abstract paintings are images which represent something to the viewer without any specific image to be had in the artwork.  What do you see?

This is the first of several produced, and I am excited to paint others!  Prints are available and offered together as one piece or separate as two.


Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist
©Morrison Studios

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